Application Workspace

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Football Rankulator utilizes a single document interface. There is one main form for the application. Below the Main Menu is a toolbar which allows you to quickly change football seasons, and change the season's Reference Date. Below the toolbar is a list of buttons (or tabs) to change the current view page.








Conferences Page

       Conference Teams Grid - view conference standings

       Conference vs Conference - records of conferences versus other conferences

       Bowl Eligible - see which teams are bowl eligible, or could be

Teams Page

       Games grid - view an individual team's schedule, game results, and other selected statistics

       Strength of Schedule - customize your own strength of schedule

       Graphs - view individual team's graphs of poll rankings, records, and strength of schedule

Games Page - focus in on the games you want to view

Polls Page - results and graphs of voter polls, BCS rankings, and your FBR Ranking

Rankings Page

Ranking Methods - create your own rankings

Rankings Grid - analyze your ranking

Rankings Graph - visualize your ranking