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The Schedule Grid displays a team's football schedule and game results.





Note: you may also <Ctrl>-<Click> an opponent to go to that opponent's schedule grid.


Schedule grid columns


The following columns will always be visible in the Games grid...




All other columns are user configurable. Option columns are...


Conference Win-Loss record
FBR Ranking (created in Rankings Page, populated on Polls Page)
Game notes
Opponent graphic
Opponent is a bowl team
Opponent's bowl eligible status
Opponent's conference
Opponent's FBR Ranking at game date
Opponent's FBR Ranking now
Opponent's I-A weight
Opponent's level
Opponent's poll rankings at game date
Opponent's poll rankings now
Opponent's score
Opponent's Win-Loss Record at game date
Opponent's Win-Loss Record now
Teams poll rankings on the game date
Opponents' win-loss record (SoS)
Opponents' Opponents' win-loss record (SoS)
Strength of Schedule
Team's score
Title and/or Type
TV coverage
Win-Loss record


To select and sort additional columns, use the following dialog (Right-click on the grid and select "Configure columns..."). See Configuring Columns for more information.