Conference Teams

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The Conference Teams view displays the conference standings.





Sorting the team list


Use the buttons below to sort the team list

2.Win-Loss Record
3.Conference win-loss record (divided by divisions - right click on grid for option to not divide by divisions)
4.Hot streak
5.Strength of schedule
6.Voter Poll ranking
7.BCS ranking
8.FBR ranking



Conference grid columns


The conference grid will always display the following columns...


Team name
Conference win-loss record
Overall win-loss record


All other columns are user configurable...


Away win-loss record
BCS win-loss record
Bowl Eligible Status
Bowl Team
Conference opponents' win-loss record
Current week game result
Current week TV coverage
FBR Ranking
Future conference opponents' win-loss record
Future opponents' win-loss record
Home win-loss record
Hot Streak win-loss record
I-A weight
Weighted Win Loss Record
Weighted Win Loss Percentage
Margin of victory
Next opponent
Non-conference opponents' win-loss record
Points for - points against
Poll standings
Strength of schedule opponents' win-loss record
Strength of schedule opponents' opponents win-loss record
Conference opponents' win-loss record
Strength of schedule ratio
Team image



To select and sort additional columns, use the following dialog (Conferences | Configure columns...). See Configuring Columns for more information.