User Options

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User options may be set from the main menu, choose Options | Preferences...




Popup hints - balloon popup hints will appear for any application control that has a hint (note: hints will always appear in the status bar)

Sounds - turn sound effects on or off

Use Window XP Visual Styles - creates a manifest file for the operating system to use; this feature only works on systems that support manifests.

Suppress Team Colors - turn the use of defined team colors off in team lists, grids, etc.




Last used datafile - remember the datafile being used and load it next time

Load last used ranking confutation - remember the ranking configuration being used and load it next time

Show Reference Date dialog - automatically bring up the Ref Date dialog when the program starts

Show Splash Screen - uncheck to turn off the splash screen on start up

Use Window open and close animation - animate the opening and closing of the application and some of its dialog windows




Use Weighted Win/Loss Fudge Factor - adds a phantom time game to the calculation which has a weight of 0.01

Show rankings calculation progress bar - if the rankings calculation is slow for your machine, turn this option on to see the calculation progress




Show conference and team images - uncheck to turn off the use of graphic images

Optimize images - convert the .gif images for conferences, teams, and TV into .bmp files to used by the program; optimized images should be sharper and more focused




Conferences, Teams, Games, Polls to Skip - (see Merging Datafiles).