Team Weights

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Three Ranking Methods utilize a user defined team weight. To get the most out these methods, assign teams a team weight which will effect that weight win-lose records. A team's win-lose record is calculated as follows:


When a team wins - the opponent's weight is added to the teams win count
When a team loses - (101 - the opponent's weight) is added to the teams losses count


Note: Currently, only Division 1-A teams may be assigned a weight. Future versions of Football Rankulator will add the ability to assign a weight to other divisions.


To open the Edit Conference & Team Weights dialog, go to the Main Menu and select "Options | Edit Team Weights...". The following dialog will appear.





You may define a conference weight that each team will use - or you may override the conference weight and define a specific team weight. Most likely you will use a combination of both.


To override a team's conference weight, check the check box to the left of the team name, then enter a new weight in the right most column.