SoS Options

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Strength of Schedule user options


SoS options are set via the Strength of Schedule Options dialog.




Include future opponents


By using this option, games of opponents not-yet-played are processed without waiting until the team actually plays that opponent (note: this trickles down through the opponents' opponents too).


By default, opponent's games are not processed until a team plays the opponent. You may want to go ahead and start processing those games now. Some folks reason that the games are going to be processed eventually, why not go ahead and use them now? By processing these games now, you soften the impact of weak opponents when they enter the calculation, and/or take advantage of strong opponents now. Others feel that the games should not be used until that "game played link" has been make.


Process games between common opponents


Using games between common opponents skews the opponents' W-L record toward.500 (see FBR's Strength of Schedule). Select this option to include these games in the opponents' W-L calculation.


Allow direct opponents


This options allows a team's direct opponent (OT) to also appear as an opponent's opponents (OOT). This situation happens when direct opponents play one another.


Allow teams to appear more than once


When you start listing the opponents' opponents, you will find that some teams will appear multiple times. If you want to process these teams' games each time, then check this option.


Process games that were used in the opponents' games


Depending on the options you have set, games from the opponents' game can reappear in the opponents' opponents' games. Check this option to use them again.


Strength of Schedule weights


Give a weight to the win percentage of opponent games and to opponents' opponent games.


If Use Weighted WL is checked, then SoS's calculated wins and losses will be based upon the user assigned team weights.