Report and Exports

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Text Reports may be created on the following views within Football Rankulator...


Conferences Page - Conf Teams
Teams Page -  Schedule
Games Page - Game grid
Rankings Page - Ranking Methods and  FBR Ranking


There are three types of reports that you may generate...




You select which type of reports you wish to generate from the main menu: Options | Report type. You may also change the report type by right-clicking on any of the report icons.


Text reports are printable representations of the view's contents.


The data in CVS reports are separated by commas - these are suitable for saving and importing into other programs (e.g., MS Excel).


If you plan to import CSV data into an Excel spreadsheet, you should be aware of the following issue.


When Excel brings in a CSV file, it will change into a date any data that looks like a date; it does this whether the data is really a date or not. In FBR CSV exports, there is a lot of win-loss data that looks like dates, e.g., 10-1, 4-7, etc. Excel will change a win-loss record of 10-1 into a date of October 1, <current year>; 4-7 becomes April 7th, and so on. Obviously, this is not what you want.


This is a known issue (problem?) with Excel. One work around is as follows...


Change (or save) the file's extension to something other than CSV -- for

example, TXT. Then, when you open the file, Excel's Text Import Wizard will

kick in. In Step #3 of the wizard, specify "Text" as the format for your

win-loss columns.


If you are an Excel whiz (I am not) - I have seen some discussions about creating macros to address this problem. Use Google and search in "Groups" using the following keywords: excel csv date.



HTML reports may be saved and using in web pages, etc.




Any report may be saved to a file, printed, or copied to the clipboard.