FBR Rankings Calculation

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The FBR Ranking is a weighted average of one or more ranking methods. You choose the ranking method and give it a weight. The software does the rest.


How it works


There are over 80 rankings methods to choose from. To include a ranking method in your ranking, simply give it a weight between 1 and 100. Some criteria have additional parameters to set, e.g., methods using points (e.g., margin of victory) and team rankings.


For every ranking method you use, each FBS football team is assigned a point value in the range of 0 to 100. The team with the highest point value is ranked #1 for that ranking method.


To calculate a team's final point value for the FBR Ranking, each of the team's ranking method's point values is multiplied by the weight that you assigned to that method, these numbers are added together, then divided by the sum total of all then ranking method weights. The result is a final point value that is also in the range of 0 to 100 - this is the FBR Ranking value. The team with the largest value is ranked #1.


How a Ranking Method's points are assigned


Each rank method uses a unique criteria to rank all the Division FBS teams. Criteria is converted into data, and the data gets translated into points. Points are in the range of 0 to 100.


Ranking Method EmdashPrcarrow  Criteria EmdashPrcarrow  Data EmdashPrcarrow  Points


You will find that most of the rank methods fall into the following basic types...


Criteria type




Win-Loss Percentage


Win % is a value between 0 and 1


Data is multiplied by 100

Margin of Victory

Average score difference - losing teams have negative values

Prorated between the highest and the lowest MoV's

High Counts (when more is better, e.g., most wins)

Number of the count

Prorated between the largest value and 0

Low Counts  (when less is better, e.g., fewest losses)

Number of the count

Prorated between 0 and the largest values


You should look at each rank method description for specific details, but the types above cover most of the rank methods.