Editing Teams

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You may edit a team from several places. On the Teams Page, double-click a team name, right click on the team list and choose Edit Team, or use the main menu's Team | Edit option. From the Conferences Page, you may double-click a team's name in the conference standings display. The edit team dialog is shown below.






The name of the team


Team's nickname

Sort Name

This is the text used to sort the names in the team list; is Sort Name is left blank, then Name is used. Is some lists you may display team names along with the nickname, or just the nickname, etc. In these cases, Sort Name is not used.


The team's conference. If the conference is unknown, us the conference named "_place holder_".


If the conference has divisions, select the one for this team. If the conference does not have division, this control will not be in the dialog.


City location of the team

BCS Team

Enabled for Div 1A Independent teams only. Check the check box if the team is associated with the Bowl Championship Series


Any comment you wish to add for this team


The Schedule tab displays the same schedule you see on the Team Page's Schedule view, and it has the same functionality.


The graphic tab allows you two define the team image and team colors used in the application.