Editing Conferences

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To edit a Conference, you must be on the Conferences Page. Double-click a conference name, use the conference list's popup menu, or select Conferences | Edit from the main menu. The Edit Conference dialog is shown below.








The name that appears in the Conference List


Drop down list of division levels, i.e., 1-A, 1-AA, II, III, etc.

Long Name

The name displayed above the standings grid, etc.

Sort Name

This is the text used to sort the names in the conference list; if Sort Name is left blank, then Name is used

Number of Divisions

If the conference has divisions, enter the number here and define the division names


If checked, the conference is not really a conference, but the list of independent teams for the given Level

BCS Conference

If checked, the conference is associated with the Bowl Championship Series. Independent teams that are associated with the BCS are set in the edit team dialog (see Editing teams)


Any comment you wish to add for this conference


The Graphic tab