Downloading Datafiles

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Datafiles may be downloaded from the internet. Football Rankulator will check for an updated file, then download it to your computer. You have the choice of replacing the current datafile, or merging the datafile.


To check for an updated datafile, select File | Download... from the main menu, or click the Download Datafile button on the toolbar. You will be given the option to replace or merge (see Merging Datafiles), then the status of the download is shown.






If you select Browse for file as your source, you will be prompted for a local file to copy/merge instead of having the application download the file from the web site. You should use caution however, there is no check to see if the file is more recent and up-to-date. Use this option if you should ever have trouble downloading a datafile from within the FBR application - download the file manually using your internet browser, then use the Browse for file option.